How can 1it solution contribute to your project success ?

1it solution is an expert company in design and implementation of complex network infrastructures and telecom.

  • The massive arrival of the technology IP (Internet Protocol) to support all the means of communication of companies require a sharp management of the use of the bandwidth while respecting the criteria of safety and data protection transported on private networks or public. These new modes of communication fundamentally developed the organization of companies by favoring in particular the mobility of the staffs, the homeworking and the dematerialization of the workspace.
  • This new organization of the computing, network ways(means) and the telecoms of the company implies(involves) a transverse complete skill(competence). 1IT Solution is able to bring you the complete management of your projects of evolution or implementation of your infrastructures of corporate communication through our various services :
    • Functional and operational audit of the data networks and the average telecoms.
    • Elaboration of the project of migration or integration, estimate and schedule of deployment.
    • Deployment, integration and putting into service of the proposed solutions.
    • Training of the technical teams and/or the outsourcing of the spread(displayed) solutions.
    • Hot Line and maintenance.
  • 1IT Solution sends the national major accounts, among which in particular services of defense and homeland security, the media, the navy, the logistics / carriers…